Multi Cloud Network Architecture

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Multi Cloud Network Architecture

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AWS Regions and Availability Zones


Regions are a collection of independent data centres geographically close to each other.

For example, “eu-central-1” is listed in the AWS console as Frankfurt. Therefore, we can conclude that there are a number of (likely 3) physical data centres in the greater Frankfurt area, which are completely independent of each other from a disaster recovery perspective (not counting disasters that would impact a radius of perhaps 100km).

Availability Zones

AZs are a reference to the individual DC in the region. In our example above, if “eu-central-1” (Frankfurt) did indeed have 3 independent DCs, these would be referred to as AZs in the “eu-central-region”.

Most AWS resources are defined in a particular AZ. Redundancy in the region is architected in this way.

Some AWS resources or services are region-wide and automatically replicated across the different AZs.

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